Mittwoch, 26. Mai 2010

[1966] Dr. T And The Undertakers - Undertakers Theme

listen to the song:

This song was released on the only single by this Miami based band. lysergic organ grooves and psychedelic guitar jams bringing this to the top of underground 60's psych! check it out!!!

An Interview with Dr. T:

Dienstag, 25. Mai 2010

[1967] Superfine Dandelion - The Other Sidewalk

listen to the song:

some psychotic Psychedelic Rock from the "Psychedelic Moods Vol. 2". Here are some infos on the band by Psych-Spaniolos:
"This outfit was based in Phoenix, Arizona between 1966-68 and were earlier known as The Mile Ends. Their first 45 contains the fine psychedelic punk of The Other Sidewalk, and the flip features sitars and has a mellow trippy feel, with the vocalist wishing that he'd never come down... After such an interesting start, they went on to chart regionally with their People In The Street 45, but their album had a strong country influence and is largely dispensable. Most of the band later went on to greater things - Black and McFadden joined Goose Creek Symphony and later worked for Linda Ronstadt. Anderson later joined Beans who evolved into The Tubes."

Donnerstag, 20. Mai 2010

[1970] C.O.B. - Evening Air

listen to the song:

Clive's Original Band's first album is including this mystic acid folk track. All in all I can recommend their debut more than their 2nd album. The first one "is not as polished as the next and is also a more intimate work" (~comusduke)

Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2010

[1972] Mark Fry - The Witch

listen to the song:

After he left shool with 17, he travelled to Italy planning to study there. Two years later his debut was released with a Barabajagal-like cover art. "The Witch" combines Mark Fry's Songwriting with raga-sitar-grooves, flute and sweet drums. An Acid Folk masterpiece!

Montag, 10. Mai 2010

[2008] The Black Angels - Deer-Ree-Shee

listen to the song:

The Black Angels are one of the finest bands growing out of the new Texan psychedelic Scene. Together with the Golden Animals, All in the Golden Afternoon and The Strangers Family Band they played on the Austin Psych Fest in April 2010. Beneth the drony sound you can hear some tingling sitar and trancy vocals. Their two album are avaible in our onlineshop on CD and Vinyl aswell as latest 7" Single from 2008. Enjoy the sound!

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Mittwoch, 5. Mai 2010

[2010] Lana Loveland - Missing Illusions

listen to the song:

Till now Lana is only know as a member of the Fuzztones and former Bonniwell Music Machine organist. Here we've got their new single from 2010. A bit of punky a load of garage and all of that swimming in an ocean of acid-psych. check it out!