Dienstag, 27. Juli 2010

[1967] The Freak Scene - My Rainbow Life

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Lysergic Guitars melting in your brain, causing visions of clear light...

Donnerstag, 22. Juli 2010

[1974] Silmaril - Voyage of Icarus

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While others buzzed within the hippie epicenters of Haight Street and the Lower East Side, Silmaril formed in haunted, industrial Milwaukee. Other bands might have met at a love-in; Silmaril were friends from a Catholic youth retreat bound together by a doomed figure in the eccentric madman tradition of Syd Barrett, Roy Harper and Mel Lyman by the name of Matthew Peregrine. The Voyage of Icarus captures the dark, mysterious, and achingly beautiful acid folk & Christian themed psychedelic sounds that emanated from 1973's privately pressed album, Given Time... Or the Several Roads, and their dormant, unreleased follow up No Mirrored Temple. (~Clear-Spot)

Donnerstag, 8. Juli 2010

[1966] Big Jim Sullivan - She Walks Through The Fair

listen to the song:

In 1967/68, Big Jim Sullivan from the Middlesex, UK managed to record three very groovy Sitar albums. Sadly this was not meant to hold on. He played as a session-musician and did every sucking job he could get. Well, he played for the Hermint's Hermint's and the Kinks in studio, but it looks like that was only a job for him, nothing a idealist would be happy with. So it came that he even played 9 years for James Last, what is really strange while thinking back of those three first Sitar-Psych LP's. Anyway, this song is just a damn good piece of Acid Folk, enjoy!

Psychedelic Freakout 1966/67 [Sound: The Ricketts - Action Painting]